The software suite developed by R&D Vision covers all needs related to image acquisition and processing. Consisting of a series of modules, it is open to programming to make it upgradeable and customisable for all users. It includes various software applications:

- HIRIS, universal image acquisition platform
- CameraTool, control of image acquisition cameras and cards
- IOTool, acquisition of analogue or digital data and control of sensors (GPS, joulemeter…)
- IP Module, image processing functions for HIRIS
- PIV RT Module, real-time PIV processing module for HIRIS
For over 15 years, R&D Vision has been developing image acquisition systems. These systems are optimised to ensure acquisitions without raw data or "on the fly" compression loss The solutions are built on a universal driver and are compatible with more than 300 cameras (high resolution, high speed, monochrome or colour…). The range of image acquisition products is divided into two main families:

- SpeedView : A transportable high speed video system for industrial maintenance, designed to reduce production down time

- DVR – Digital Video Recorder : Complete turnkey image acquisition system
The R&D Vision measurement services business has led to the implementation of optical diagnostics for a wide variety of issues. Based on this experience, R&D Vision has designed complete turnkey systems that correspond to the different needs in terms of metrology: 
- PIV: Instantaneous (2D/2C – 2D/3C) velocity fields
- Microfluidics: Tracking particles, measuring velocity and shape
- Granulometrics: Measuring size, shape and concentration
The use of a stand-alone camera is often limiting. Different accessories therefore must be used o help optimise the image taken and, as a result, the quality of measurement. R&D Vision develops its own range of accessories to meet experimental requirements:
- EG: Synchronisation electronics
Lighting: Lasers, high energy pulsed leds…
- Optical systems for lasers: Transportation and formatting of beams
- Transport solutions: Flight cases and suitcases with made-to-measure fittings