ZEM’R, flame analysis sensor

Spectral and dimensional analysis

ZEM’R, flame analysis sensor

The opening up of the gas market represents a real opportunity, but also a real challenge; in the circumstances, Bosch Thermotechnologie wishes to offer its customers a new type of home boiler that is self-adapting to any type of gas. Currently, the available combustion management technologies cannot respond, at the same time, continuously and optimally to the difficulties arising from the variable composition of the gas supply. Furthermore, the increased operating temperatures due to the variable nature of the gas can lead to an increased risk of corrosion, cracking and scaling. 

Given the situation, Bosch has initiated a project proposed in response to the 19th inter-ministerial fund tender (FUI 19): Project ZEM-R will help to respond to these issues. It must be possible to roll out the technology currently under development so that it becomes the future standard for home gas boilers

For this project, R&D Vision is developing the prototype for the sensor used to analyse the combustion (lens + electronic card). 

The main issues to be addressed concern: 

- the implementation of a high sensitivity diagnostic tool with a very wide range  

- the integration of an optical sensor in a difficult environment while respecting a low budget objective.