See through Matter without contact

Complete turnkey solution for Non-Destructive Testing

With 18 years of experience developing solutions based on optic diagnosis, R&D Vision identified the relevance to innovate to see through matter without contact. 

In way to offer turnkey solutions of non-destructive testing, R&D Vision invests in Terahertz technology which benefited from an important technological evolution over the last few years and offering a non-ionizing and portable alternative to X-rays. 

More than €250k of investments in materials have been realized to create a R&D platform dedicated to Terahertz and multispectral imagery within the Cité de la Photonique at Pessac, France. 

The team is composed of doctors disposing different continuous and modulated sources (Terasense, VDI) from 75GHz to 300GHz, and from 60mW to 600mW, optical sources (parabolic mirrors and tailored lens) and metrology equipment. 

Depending of the problematics, R&D Vision consider and assess the performances of the different technologies of sensors available on the market: 

As part of the project ATHERMO, R&D Vision realized a tailored mechanic to integrate technology of thermoconversion (WO 2010112730 A1), which convert the Terahertz radiance into a thermic radiance. This innovative technology is coupled to a cooled, high sensitivity infrared camera (FLIR). The sensors based on semiconductor are also evaluated for comparison. 

As part of the project SAPHyR, R&D Vision invested in different radars based on the technology FMCW (Radar with continuous modulated waves in frequency, dynamic 40dB, cadency 1kHz) which was qualified by the European project DOTNAC for Non-Destructive Testing for composite parts

R&D Vision worked in collaboration with the team of Patrick Mounaix, expert in Terahertz imagery at IMS Laboratory. 

In collaboration with the IMS Laboratory, R&D Vision presented at the SIAE 2019 – Le Bourget a mobile platform coupling 3D imagery, visible and tomography Terahertz.