Rapid PIV system

Very rapid analysis of flows

R&D Vision has been developing PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) systems for more than 15 years. Our systems are open and built on the basis of our HIRIS and DirectPIV software and our EG electronic synchronisation. We adapt the rest of the experimental chain to our customers' needs - seeding, lighting, lenses, camera, image acquisition, specific processing and flight cases to transport the equipment

Rapid PIV systems function at 1kHz and this can rise to several kHz. Built around a Phantom camera and a Litron laser, this equipment includes a laser arm with an optomechanical web generation unit, a Scheimpflug mount and a set of made-to-measure flight cases for rapid deployment of the equipment. 

For the purposes of our services, we have also acquired a similar laser – 30mJ per pulse and per cavity @ 1kHz. We can deploy it on-site, but we also offer rental deals to our customers.