R&D Vision working hand-in-hand with FM Logistic

Optimising delivery flows

R&D Vision working hand-in-hand with FM Logistic
FM Logistic

Sustainable urban logistics are a real priority for ADEME, whose aim is to develop “green, cost-conscious” logistics and strive towards an optimal organisation of flows.

As part of the LUDSI call for research projects launched by ADEME in 2018, FM Logistic and Mines ParisTech presented TrailerViewer, whose aim was to improve vehicle loading rates.

Based on a proof of concept (POC) conducted by R&D Vision using optical techniques, this solution detects movements and identifies objects and their volume using 2D/3D data analysis and capture.

This standalone connected embedded sensor integrates TOF and Deep Learning technologies in particular.

Several examples will be deployed on the FM Logistic fleet for mass data capture along with an analysis and development of the algorithms put forward by Mines ParisTech.

TOF: Time of Flight

LUDSI: Logistique Urbaine Durable et livraison en Site Isolé (Sustainable urban logistics and shipping to remote sites)

ADEME: Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie (French agency for the environment and energy management)