R&D Vision nominated for the SITEVI Innovation Awards 2021

ITRIA, an instrument for grape sorting that uses AI

R&D Vision nominated for the SITEVI Innovation Awards 2021

R&D Vision nominated for the SITEVI Innovation Awards2021

It’s always gratifying to have your work nominated for an award. Here at R&D Vision, the entire team is delighted to be nominated in the SITEVI INNOVATION AWARDS 2021 for ITRIA*, the machine we developed for quality control and optical sorting of grape crates. The results will be announced on 30 November during the SITEVI 2021 exhibition.

It took several years of fine-tuning and learning under real-life industrial conditions to obtain what is now a first-rate solution.

ITRIA (Instrument de Tri de Raison par IA)

Benefiting from efficient quality control and optical sorting.

Our ITRIA solution (instrument for grape sorting that uses AI) is designed to indicate plant health (downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis bunch rot), sunscald, grape maturity (size and colour of fruit), the presence of foreign objects, and the level of filling of crates of grapes. It combines high-speed 3D image technologies, multispectral imaging technologies (visible and infrared) and artificial intelligence tools (deep learning).

Our solution can address a programmable logic controller for sorting and an information system for administrative traceability. Crates can be identified using a bar code or a QR code.

Thanks to an AI optical system, our machine is fully automated and customisable by users.

R&D Vision exhibiting at the SITEVI 2021

R&D Vision will be present at SITEVI 2021 alongside INNOVIN (stand A2B037) at the Montpellier exhibition centre from 30 November to 2 December. We hope to see many of you at the event to show you the advantages of our solution that combines data collection and optimisation and decision-making.

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*ITRIA : Instrument for grape sorting that uses AI