Our latest DVRs on centre stage

Spotlight on this autumn’s DVRs

Our latest DVRs on centre stage

For more than 18 years, our customers have benefited from the digital recording solutions (DVR) that we have developed in house, in a range of areas. Our know-how extends to both hardware (cameras, lights, optical instruments, synchronisation, acquisition stations) to size our solution, as well as to software, notably HIRIS – our image acquisition software.

This year we once again won several calls for tender, and we are delighted to have delivered no less than twelve DVRs to public laboratories (INSA, CNRS, INSERM, POLYTECHNIQUE, IMT, etc.) and private laboratories throughout France between September and November.

These laboratories operate in very different areas:

- Microfluidics

- Stereo PIV

- Mechanical deformation measurements

- Fog generation in a microgravity environment

- 3D tracking

- Vehicle oscillation measurements along motorways

- Production quality control

Each application needs a tailor-made solution with one or more cameras linked to specific lighting and optics. The acquisition system, which is at the heart of the system, also requires customised dimensioning suited to the flows to be handled.

With cameras made by various manufacturers ranging from 2-50MP primarily supplied by our partner STEMMER-IMAGING (VIEWORKS VC-12MX and VC-50MX, JAI Go-2400-PGE, Go-5000-USB, SP-12000, and OPTRONIS (CP70-1HS-1900, ALLIED VISION GT-4907, etc.), and speeds from a few images per second to several hundreds of images per second, the volume of raw data often exceeds 4 Gb/s. This data then needs to be recorded over acquisition times lasting several tens of minutes.

Mechanical deformation measurements

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