Optical sensor for railway maintenance

Embedded system for maintenance of overhead lines

Optical sensor for railway maintenance

R&D Vision has developed an optronic sensor for Alstom Transports for use in the maintenance of overhead lines  

This embedded sensor for trains records a number of measurements: positionspeed and vertical acceleration of the pantograph, position of the cable continuous video recording of the train's environment and high resolution images taken to identify and detect faults around the posts. It includes special lighting and 4 high-speed cameras mounted in air-conditioned housings. The whole is controlled by an autonomous acquisition unit that manages the "on the fly" compression of the data, and real-time storage and processing on FPGA.  

All the measurements are geo-referenced and positioned in relation to a kilometre point. 

Real-time analysis is used to trigger high resolution images according to physical criteria (e.g. breaking the acceleration threshold of the pantograph). 

Back in the depot, the acquisition unit automatically connects to a processing station and uploads the day's data.  

Data processing and viewing software has been developed that also allows remote reprogramming of the sensor.