Onboard systems for agricultural & wine and vine analyses

Image acquisition and artificial intelligence in harsh environments

Onboard systems for agricultural & wine and vine analyses

The agricultural and wine-growing and production markets are changing and are being modernised. They are integrating increasingly precise digitalisation and diagnostics tools to monitor sowing and harvesting operations, illnesses, phytosanitary products, etc.

By developing onboard systems with several optical technologies such as multispectral, 4D, laser metrology, Artificial Intelligence technologies and so on, R&D Vision is part of this initiative. The modular design of the equipment guarantees simple, quick adaptation to different types of machines: tractors, straddle tractors, seed planters, disc harrows, corn pickers, the list goes on.

If you only take the systems used for the wine-growing and production sector, deployed this summer in the Bordeaux, Val de Loire and Languedoc regions, these systems helped support five wine estates in refining their analysis of the vineyard.

Measurement quality is important, but georeferencing is paramount. As such, different technologies were synchronised with data acquisition, and were chosen based on the precision required. The systems are equipped with ‘standard’ GPS or RTK GPS, and sometimes SLAM technologies (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping), to ensure precise positioning and object recognition (vine stock, trees, etc.). These SLAM technologies are combined with the GPS data for use in areas with no network coverage, allowing machines to move fully autonomously.

Standalone operations (running on batteries or connected to the machine’s battery) and a 4G/5G connection complete the technical and functional aspects of these systems. Data is sent and the correct functioning of the system is monitored remotely in real-time.

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