Microdroplets in the Indian Ocean

New optical metrology system for microfluidics

Microdroplets in the Indian Ocean
LE2P Université de la Réunion

Building on our optical diagnostics/metrology solutions for microfluidics, we are pleased to provide the LE2P laboratory of the University of Reunion Island with this system. It complements our many projects (~20) with more than 15 laboratories over the past 10 years.

We tailor make our systems, and choose and optimise the following:

· lighting (LEDs, lasers of different wavelengths and energies),

· laser beam shaping in different microscopes (Zeiss, Olympus, etc.),

· cameras (Phantom, Hamamatsu, IDS Imaging, Allied Vision, Vieworks, etc.),

· image acquisition and processing via our software (HIRIS, MicroFlu, CameraTool, Realtime PIV, etc.)

· essential accessories such as translation stages (Marzhauser, Prior Scientific, Aerotech, Zaber, etc.) and flow controllers.

Our systems are used to characterise microchannels using fluorescent nanometre particles, count and measure droplets or perform real-time screening by detecting the presence of molecules/cells/neurones (ESPCI, CEA, ICM, IFPEN, etc.).

Our partners, such as Microfactory, Lordil and Fluigent are involved from the design phase to provide comprehensive, integrated packages.

With this new system developed and installed by us on the other side of the world, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has put their trust in us over the years.