IOTool 2.0 launch

Fully control your experience using a single piece of software

IOTool 2.0 launch

In the latest news from R&D Vision, the company kicked off the beginning of 2021 with the launch of the new version of IOTool. IOTool 2.0, the data acquisition and equipment control tool, has a simple, intuitive interface. Using this new version, you can organise your sequences effectively while ensuring great versatility thanks to many accessible functions.

IOTool excels when it comes to managing equipment and data acquisition. The aim of this new version is to fully controlyour experience using a single piece of software, link functions and modify sequences easily.

The hardware handling these functions comes from equipment supplied by our partner National Instruments which is integrated in our software tools.

The way in which data is displayed can be fully customised, whether in graph form or using LEDs for Boolean variables.This means that each user can have a human-machine interface (HMI) that is perfectly suited to their needs.

When combined with our HIRIS software to configure and control cameras, these two open standard software complement one another, giving you all the flexibility you need to organise your system as you see fit and upgrade it as experiments progress.

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