HIRIS: Calibration tool

Obtain the true focal length and distortion coefficients

HIRIS: Calibration tool

Camera calibration is especially important when it comes to obtaining metric information for dimensional measurement applications (and more) using the images captured. Geometric distortions induced by the optical system used must be taken into account.

To make this critical step easier, R&D Vision developed a dedicated module that can be accessed from the HIRIS interface. The aim is to obtain the true pixel/distance conversion and determine the intrinsic parameters of the camera and lens, i.e. the true focal length and the distortion coefficients to correct the images over a logged period of time or in real time.

This tool is very easy to use and compatible with many types of calibration charts; it has an intuitive interface and image processing that makes it possible to detect different patterns automatically. A colour code helps you identify detection performances rapidly and optimise them according to the chosen camera model.

Once the distortion coefficients have been calculated, they can be exported for use as input data in third-party data processing software. You can also apply these coefficients directly to images to correct them and know the position of each pixel in the image in real-time and in real space.

R&D Vision also offers several models of calibration charts in differing sizes to go with this tool. We can customise them and adapt the materials to the application and conditions of use.

More advanced calibration functions for 3D applications are also available, as well as pose computation to determine the position of a camera in relation to an object in an image or the position of cameras in relation to one another in a multi-camera system.

Image on left – 'before' / Image on right – 'after'