DVR – Digital Video Recorder

Image acquisition system

DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are image and data acquisition systems used for different types of applications (high speed video, microfluidic, fluorescence, PIV, CND, deformation measurement, dimensional analysis, analysis of sprays, 3D reconstruction, real time tracking, thermography, ...).

R&D Vision selects the most suitable components according to customer needs and controls the entire acquisition chain. Our DVRs integrate digital cameras, monochrome or color, in high-speed acquisition in RAM or Direct to Disk (several hours/days).

Using the latest generation components and using the expertise of its engineers and doctors, R&D Vision ensures a continuous technological watch giving access to higher speeds recording (>2.5 GB/s).

The know-how of R&D Vision is therefore both hardware (cameras, lighting, optics, synchronization, acquisition station) and software including our image acquisition software HIRIS.