Characterising bioreactors with our 3D Stereo PIV solution

2D and 3D system calibration

Characterising bioreactors with our 3D Stereo PIV solution
Institut Pascal

The INSTITUT PASCAL at the Université de Clermont-Auvergne in France wanted a 3D particle image velocimetry system (Stereo PIV) to characterise bioreactors intended for the production of bioenergy.

We designed the customised solution in our laboratory and validated the entire optical system from the choice of seeding particles to ensuring optimal levels of performance.

The selected system has two UI-3060 IDS cameras synchronised with a 4W CNI laser (provided by our partner OPTON LASER), and a modular power supply to generate pulses of between 1 Hz -1 kHz.

While our delay generator handles the synchronisation aspect, for the management of laser pulses and camera exposure times, our teams created chronograms that are specific to the experimental conditions, with just a few microseconds between two successive images.

Our HIRIS and CameraTool softwares are installed on an image acquisition and processing station specifically scaled for this application. They handle the camera control and image acquisition aspects. Images, meanwhile, are processed using our RealTimePIV and StereoPIV softwares.

Thanks to the very latest version of our HIRIS software, R&D Vision provides all the tools needed for 2D and 3D system calibration, distortion correction (see HIRIS video) and camera installation measures. These tools are essential to all optical metrology applications and can be tailored to individual needs with customised target selection.