Carpooling monitoring system

How can we detect carpooling?

Carpooling monitoring system

Carpooling monitoring system

To encourage carpooling, dedicated lanes have been created at car park entrances, tolls and certain motorways. Schemes offering financial incentives are also starting to pop up, but this requires that the number of passengers be checked.  

EGIS, CEA-List and R&D Vision, who have been pooling their skills since 2018, have come up with a system to count passengers that combines optical detection and artificial Intelligence (AI). This system can be applied to various contexts. With EGIS as the lead for this project, R&D Vision provides its expertise in the development of innovative embedded systems, while CEA-List does so for algorithms and AI.

Tests in field conditions

After an initial validation phase at the beginning of the year – supervised by Cerema, which is assisting the Mont Blanc Autoroutes and Tunnel company (ATMB) for the entire operation – the three partners launched tests in field conditions. The test site chosen for the trial is motorway A411, which skirts the Franco-Swiss border and is operated by ATMB.

The system has been designed to withstand light variations and differing weather conditions (day/night, sun/rain, etc.) for all types of light-duty vehicles (with and without tinted windows). The trial has been underway for several months now.

We’ll report back in the second half of 2021 with the results!

Carpooling monitoring system
R&D Vision | Egis | Cea-List
Carpooling monitoring system with ATMB
R&D Vision | Egis | CEA-List

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