ATHERMO takes flight

A non-destructive testing solution that integrates terahertz, IR thermography,visible and 3D technologies

R&D Vision, EPSILON (ALCEN Group) and their academic partner IMS (Integration from Material to System Laboratory) at the University of Bordeaux are delighted to announce that the ATHERMO project is entering a new phase. You may recall that the ATHERMO project aims to develop and sell a non-destructive testing solution that integrates terahertz, IR thermography, visible and 3D technologies to make maintenance operations more straightforward. It will do so by automatically detecting anomalies (delamination, leaks, impacts, etc.) in and through certain materials without the need for equipment removal (housings, cabin furnishings, floor panels, insulation, etc.).

After several conclusive test phases in laboratories on equipment to a scale of 1:1, we optimised the technologies and developed data processing algorithms, and prototypes are underway.  This new tool will resolve challenges in various fields of activity such as aeronautical, as well as the automotive and non-conductive materials industries.

We would like to thank French Single Interministerial Fund (FUI), the French regions of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie, BPI France, Aerospace Valley and the Alpha RLH cluster for their support to this innovative project in contactless viewing and probing.