Artificial Intelligence in aisles

AI to automate the analysis of photographic records

Artificial Intelligence in aisles
DMF Sales & Marketing

Product layoutand visibility in hypermarket aisles (supermarkets, specialised superstores,DIY superstores, wholesalers, etc.) are vital factors for any brand. DMF Sales& Marketing, a leader in field marketing, assists its customers when it comes to optimising their visibility on shelves. Operators in the field got hrough the superstore aisles to check that the products are visible and that the shelf planograms are in keeping with the number and placement of products.They also position the POS (point of sale) advertising next to the products. During each visit, a photo is taken to collect different pieces of data: presence, position, price, facing, etc.


In this context, R&D Vision and 3DVTech developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to automate the analysis of these photographic records. This AI solution is based on a combination of a variety of technologies such as Deep Learning, colour and texture analysis, OCR, SIFT matching and correlation. Our solution provides automatic, real-time diagnostics of marketing mechanisms and shelf visibility.


A Software As AService (SAAS) type system has been introduced. Operators take photos before and after their visit; these photos are then sent to a server. The server carriesout a range of processing operations according to the operator’s task (counting the number of products, checking for POS advertising, etc.), and the results are saved in a database. The speed and robustness of processing for images of a high-quality and substantial variability is a key aspect of this system.


This automation helps teams in the field save a lot of time and allows them to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.