Already 18 years of video recordings

HIRIS version 2020

Video recording is one of the areas in which R&D Vision has been cultivating its expertise over the last 18 years. Multi-camera, multi-platform or multi-environment acquisitions, in-depth knowledge of data flow management hardware and data processing, or the ability to produce customised HMIs or those that use our HIRIS software: these are just some of the many skills that we have honed in house.

Over the years, R&D Vision has succeeded in building up strong video recording prowess. With several hundreds of projects completed, we have demonstrated our ability to record images and data, having tried and tested it in many sectors: aeronautics, agribusiness, automotive industry, cosmetics, rail, research laboratories, logistics, transportation and so on.

This expertise was originally fostered to address highly specific image acquisition and processing needs that arose when providing optical diagnostics services. The development of the HIRIS software solution (v1 in 2003) was born from the need for equipment variety and the need to simplify the acquisition process by adding essential functions useful for adjusting experiments and reviewing data.  Suitable for image sequence acquisitions and reviews, HIRIS is a platform that is independent of hardware: it provides access to several hundreds of different camera references that have a wide range of speeds, resolutions and data buses. The software is compatible with almost all camera and frame grabber manufacturers (AVT, Basler, Dalsa, FLIR, Goodrich, Hamamatsu, IDS, INTEL, JAI, Mikrotron, Optronis, Phantom, Photonfocus, Photonis, QImaging, Roper, Teli Toshiba, Vieworks, etc.)

In this same spirit of simplifying and standardising matters, our CameraTool software complements this solution by providing a common control interface for all these pieces of equipment. In turn, the IOTool software synchronises different tasks and events. These pieces of software can be handled by third-party applications for customisation purposes. What’s more, if a reference is missing, our agile and responsive team adds it within a matter of days.

Handling high-speed image and data rate acquisitions (up to 4.5 GB/s) over long periods of time requires prior qualification of many computer components (motherboards, chipsets, processors, SSDs, etc.) to size architectures appropriately. Our team therefore keeps an eye out for technological developments, integrating and mastering the latest innovations.

These innovations include multicore processor management, FPGA/CPU/GPU task distribution for better levels of performance, very high-speed raw data acquisition or on-the-fly compression thanks to the set of low-level functions directly accessible on certain processor architectures, etc. To qualify these architectures, as well as validate each of the stations we integrate, we have developed robots inhouse to carry out our essential test phases. This technical proficiency in terms of hardware for acquisition purposes (choice of camera, bus, connectors, etc.) also includes the hardware for processing purposes aspect to optimise the entire data acquisition line from optics to AI.

We can provide you with complete systems that are suited to your needs and restricted environments: compact embedded systems that are weather resistant, can be submerged, transported, and consume low amounts of energy. Our systems are used in laboratories, integrated on drones and submarines, assembled in instrumented lorries, embedded in the roof of a TGV, miniaturised to fit into a hand-held device or a transport case, or even adapted to monitor tests in military or industrial environments.

With a long-standing history in providing optical diagnostic services, further to 18 years in this field and more than 1,000 completed projects, we also have a laboratory that has a comprehensive range of equipment. This includes acquisition stations, objectives, lenses, optical elements (lenses, mirrors, fibres, etc.), lighting, lasers, manual and motorised translation stages, mechanical components and so on.

The equipment can be rented or leased for more ad hoc needs. There’s nothing better than having proof of the pudding before buying and seeing for yourself! If you want to know more, we’d be more than happy to come and give you a demonstration to help you “SEE TO UNDERSTAND”.