A digital experience for optronic system prototyping

Designing initial processing algorithms

A digital experience for optronic system prototyping

R&D Vision has developed realistic image generation software tools and has based them on different environments such as Halcon, SolidWorks, and so on.

To obtain high-quality images, R&D Vision calibrates the input parameters for the various components in the measurement chain in the laboratory. For example, it adjusts the intrinsic parameters and the sensor noise and sensitivity for cameras, as well as the spatial intensity distributions for light sources.

Together with the data that characterise the materials of the objects observed (reflectivity, albedo, roughness, etc.), this initial design phase ensures an optimal outcome that simplifies the next stage in the experimental design process.

By generating the images in this manner using real parameters, it makes it easier to position the sensors and define the correct lines of sight to confirm both the visibility of the objects to be analysed and the overall size of the end system.

These images are also used to design the first processing algorithms: contour detection, 2D-3D matching, 3D-3D matching, Deep Learning, etc. The first level of processing performance is thus determined: performance, sensitivity and dynamics based on realistic images with known defects.

The tools developed have been implemented for several years on various projects both to accelerate design phases and as a digital experience for preliminary feasibility studies and POC studies.

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