3D scanning of complex parts

Balancing of parts, deviations in relation to CAD, dimensional checks, etc.

To meet industry demands (in the automobile and aeronautics sectors, etc.), R&D Vision has developed a 3D-scanner suitable for all types of parts and complex shapes. The needs of industrial players are vast – balancing parts, measuring deviations on parts in relation to CAD, carrying out dimensional checks, etc.  – as such, the system needs to be fast, precise and versatile.

By integrating up to three synchronised 3D cameras, which rest on several motorised axes, acquisition times have been reduced to a matter of seconds, and the degrees of freedom offered by the system make 360° scanning of large objects possible, even when complex in shape. The scans generate clouds of several millions of points with a precision of around 100 µm (using a Photoneo stereo vision sensor); the system is also compatible with other manufacturer references. This density of measurement points makes it easier to take 3D measurements and carry out rigorous surface inspections.

Once the point clouds have been generated, they are placed in the same reference frame for merging and processing. A fully configurable sequence of operations can be created using the software developed by R&D Vision, and it can be applied to the clouds to guarantee rapid data processing. A wide range of operations is applicable, including:

- Filtering: statistical filters, property filters, cloud cutting, hole filling (depending on the model), removal of the part’s supports, etc.;

- Detection of planes, cylinders, connected components;

- Geometrical transformations;

- Merging;

- Meshing.

Once the object has been fully recreated, its surface, volume and inertial properties can be calculated; it can also be machined virtually as per a CAD model.

This robot’s design and functions can be scaled to suit an extensive range of parts. Feel free to contact us by email at to discuss your needs