12-megapixel 330 fps ‘Direct to Disk’ acquisition station

A solution designed with products distributed by STEMMER IMAGING

12-megapixel 330 fps ‘Direct to Disk’ acquisition station

R&D Vision has developed and validated a new acquisition station that has unprecedented levels of performance in terms of RAM acquisition rates and, above all, ‘Direct to Disk’ image acquisition rates that exceed 4 GB/s and have acquisition times of approximately 30 minutes.

In particular, this solution uses products distributed by our partner STEMMER IMAGING.

R&D Vision integrated the VIEWORKS VC-12MX2-CXP camera that has a 12-megapixel resolution for a frame rate of 330 frames per second, i.e. a total data rate of nearly 4 GB/s.

This data rate requires eight CoaXPress CXP-6 outputs and therefore, an acquisition card with the same number of inputs on the PC. On this basis, R&D Vision opted for the Euresysis Coaxlink Octo acquisition card.

Without revealing our trade secrets, take a 64-bit architecture with a multi-core processor that is optimised to manage multiple PCIe devices, combine it with some ultra-fast high capacity SSDs and the latest version of our HIRIS software, and you’ll have a system that can control the speeds of the fastest cameras on the market. This architecture is primed and optimised to support GPUs to run image processing algorithms that use Deep Learning.

We are pleased to announce that our solution, coupled with a powerful pulse lighting unit manufactured by our teams that is compatible with Smartek and Gardasoft generators, was selected by the FEMTO-ST Institute.